A Grateful Heart
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Saturday, December 23, 2017
By Austin Rese
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“A grateful heart is the magnet for miracles.”



December is a time of reflection.--One considers the journey the past year has taken them. While thoughts of natural disasters, monstrous deeds, and global unrest may easily saturate this year’s diary, it is also a time to take inventory of one’s blessings and give thanks for them.


VALOR American Home has experienced another year of growth and learning. Spring saw the unveiling of the Premier Collection. Over 63 items were launched, offering a variety of goods for the home. Through the continued support of VALOR’s family of customers, well-wishers, and compassionate souls, each item purchased was able to provide employment for many fellow Americans and support through the VALOR Gives program. For this, I am most thankful. I know that none of this would have been possible without them and God’s continued guidance.


The summer season unveiled new artisans to VALOR’s cache of extremely talented hands. New introductions are both exciting and vital.  I am most grateful for the abilities of our artists and their passion for this industry.  As the search for gifted individuals is an unending process, the pending year holds high expectations!


Autumn proved a time of learning. A company in growth must remain humble and accepting of new thought for improved capabilities. VALOR is cottoned to such practice and positivity.


Winter is upon us. The holiday season is here. It is a time of sharing. I believe the best gift one can give is that of love and peace. Thus, to all of my friends, VALOR’s family of artists, and its many devotees, I offer a prayer of peace. May this prayer anneal your soul and be a harbinger of hope for the New Year.


Merry Christmas!



This was A Moment in America.

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